For the "I'm so rich I don't know what to do with my money and yes, I already own a yacht" set comes the Vertu Racetrack Legends box set.

Vertu is best known for making ridiculously expensive mobile phones that are notoriously long on style and short on features.

Now they've created a set of their Ascent Racetrack Legend phones that come in their own carbon-fibre display box, but if you want one, you'd best be quick, as there are only 51 available, each with a unique serial number.

In the box are four already-released Motorsport phones plus two that have yet to have an official launch, the Monaco and Nürburgring handsets.

The tri-band phones each have one of the six greatest racetracks in the world engraved on their backs, and that's about it. There's no camera and no MP3 player on these puppies.

Apart from the six phones, the box also contains three trays that hold cases for the handsets and other accessories.

For the man who has everything, perhaps it's worth shelling out £30,000 for this box set.