Google Answers may have shut up shop last week, but another answering service has popped up, this one designed for mobile phones.

ANSA is the latest SMS question and answer service on the market. It offers 24 hour answers to any question you might need answering, all for a 50 pence fee (plus the normal cost of the text message); just text 83773.

ANSA initially searches a database for the response to your question. If it has not yet been answered, the question is sent on to various “ANSA experts” who will endeavour to respond. A moderator will check the answer before it's sent on to you – all in the space of 10 minutes.

The “ANSA experts” actually benefit from his or her efforts, as each one is paid 10p for each question he or she answers.

The respondent subsequently gets 5p each time the answer is reused.

A similar service is offered by AQA (Any Question Answered), but each question posed to their experts costs £1 in the UK.