Parents who are worried about their kids' safety have an alternative to equipping them with an unmonitored mobile phone: the i-Kids mobile device.

The GPS-based device combines the best functions of a mobile phone with a tracker to ensure kids stay safe.

It features as one-touch emergency button that dials four numbers in sequence until the child's call is answered. If no one picks up, a call gets routed to the i-Kids service desk so that the child has access to help.

Like a mobile phone, i-Kids receives text messages and calls from parents, but does not allow the child to send texts of calls that isn't authorised by their parents.

The GPS functionality means that parents, using an application on their own mobiles, can pinpoint a child's location within 10 to 20 metres in seconds. The tracker works even if the i-Kids device is switched off. It can also be programmed to send an alert to parents if the device strays out of set safety zones.

Available now from mobiles2go, with delivery scheduled for before Christmas, the device costs £100 with a monthly subscription of £15.75 on a monthly contract.