Most people just want to throw their mobile phone bill in the bin once they've seen how much they've spent, however T-Mobile is suggesting another option - eat it.

T-Mobile boffins have developed the world’s first edible phone bill - the "edi-bill" - after asking customers what would make their monthly statements, wait for it, "more digestible".

The T-Mobile Trends Laboratory supposedly spoke to more than 2000 phone users about how receiving their bills made them feel and what T-Mobile could do to help.

Suggestions ranged from producing a bill that included horoscopes, cartoons, or even jokes. But many also suggested an "edi-bill" to help recycling and sweeten the experience of checking what they’d spent. Surprisingly 2% of respondents admitted they never actually open their monthly statement.

While the company is changing its bill design, unfortunately for those looking to tuck into it the edi-bill remains a prototype.