Last week Pocket-lint reported on new software called BookMuncher for the PC that improved your reading speed by flash words on at a time in the centre of the document.

The developers hoped to adapt the technology for use on mobile phones, but ICUE has beaten them to it.

ICUE claims that it’s attempting to combat declining literacy in the UK by offering books to read on the mobile phone.

The people behind the project hope that people, especially children will be encouraged to read more if they can access a wide range of reading material on their mobile.

The software is downloaded to the phone by texting to 64888 and then registering with the payment company.

There are three choices to display the book: in a tickertype scrolling style; as single words flashed up one by one; and as a scrolling page.

The range of books on offer encompass every taste, although in the Fiction category there’s only Metamophosis, for £4.50, and Heavens Fire, for £3.

Check out the link below to visit the site.