T-Mobile is expanding its HotSpot service on to Heathrow Express trains, so there’s no excuse for skiving off work just because you don’t have a smartphone.

The Wi-Fi service even promises to keep you connected through tunnels, so you’ll never be out of communications. However, you’ll have to pay for convenience, as the service is far from cheap – £5 for a one hour pass, and £10 for a 1 day pass. However, if you buy a month’s worth of access, it’ll cost you just £40. Passes bought prior to boarding can be used on the train, although they can also be purchased on the train.

The HotSpot service on the Heathrow Express will be rolled out in early-2007. Although it seems that passengers aren’t on the train for very long, T-Mobile thinks that the 23 minutes of travel time and on-platform waiting time of up to 15 minutes is enough for business travellers to want to be productive.