Pick up a VoIP phone next time you go food shopping. Mobiboo Mobile is launching two new Wi-Fi VoIP phones at Tesco, one of which that can also be used as a normal mobile phone.

The Tovo t450g PocketFone and the Tovo t1000 HomeFone Plus combine the freedom of a mobile with the quality of a landline, and using them could save up to £170 a year.

Those with Wi-Fi at home can use the t1000 to call other tovo and Mobiboo customers for free, while international and local calls to landlines are inexpensive starting at 5p and 2p a minute respectively. Incoming calls are free.

The Pocketfone t450g is a dual mode phone that makes calls using VoIP when in range of Wi-Fi and switches to a mobile network when out of range. It therefore is also able to offer email and browsing through broadband connections.

Both Tovo handsets are offered with either pay-as-you-go or monthly plans with international calling tacked on, and customers can choose a local landline number as well as a mobile number. The PocketFone costs £160 with various accessories while the HomeFone Plus has a price of £80 – both will be available initially at 19 Tesco stores nationwide.