New online electronics store RMX Direct brings a new twist to the VoIP phone options available with the Mystic, which doubles as an MP3 and MP4 player.

Once connected to the PC via USB, it functions as VoIP phone; away from your computer, and it plays you music and video on its tiny 1.5-inch screen.

Although it doesn’t feature dedicated music software, tracks can be sorted into folders to make them easier to find later. Other features include an FM radio with 20 presets, and recording either directly from the radio, or through the built-in microphone.

Each player comes with a choice of coloured covers. The 512MB model is bundled with white and orange covers, while the 1GB and 2GB versions also come with green casings.

The Rimax Mystic 512MB costs £56, while the 1GB costs £70 and the 2GB, £90. Now, if only they’d have added Wi-Fi…