Virgin Mobile has added the 24 hour news channel ITN News to its mobile TV service.

The addition boosts the profile for the Lobster 700TV which is the first mobile to offer live broadcast TV service in the UK, and was launched last month. Virgin Mobile’s service includes BBC One, ITV1, Channel 4, E4, and now ITN News. It also offers DAB radio service, as the TV broadcasts are transmitted over the DAB digital frequency spectrum.

Virgin Mobile offers the mobile TV phone and service for free to customers with a contract worth over £25 a month or more for the life of the contract. It’s also available on pre-pay for £200 plus £5 a month after the first 3 months.

Virgin Mobile is not the only company to offer TV on a mobile, but its distinction is that it’s able to broadcast live transmissions. Other services, like Rok TV, are designed more as TV on demand.