In an attempt to show that texting is still very much alive and well, the company behind the software that makes predictive texting possible is asking the public to text in words that will then be made into a song.

Called the Infinite Monkey Project because of a random physical theorem that "Due to the nature of infinity, a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard will almost surely eventually type every book in the Bibliotheque Nationale de France".

The challenge is to get a number of upcoming European artists including DJ Sparo in the UK to come up with a hit song using a series of random words submitted via text by the general public.

Why would you bother doing such as thing? Well according to the company, if your words are chosen for the song then you earn royalties when it's made available to download.

These words will be collected as they arrive and when any grammatically correct (but not necessarily sensible) sentences are formed, they will be short-listed for the final song.

Supposedly, when DJ Sparo has sufficient content he will produce the final song for download release.

Any of the contributing lyricists will be contacted by their text number and they will automatically qualify for a "reward". If the song hits the UK top 10 each contributor will receive a royalty from the song.

According to the spokesman for T9 any word that is submitted, "will get into the song, as long as its not rude".