A new medical study has shown a correlation between low sperm count and high mobile phone usage, suggesting that mobile phone usage could affect male fertility.

A team led by Ashok Agarwal at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio found that out of 361 infertility patients, those that had the lowest sperm count and sperm with the lowest motility used their mobiles more than 4 hours a day. They produced 40% less sperm than those who didn't use phones at all.

Other studies have also shown that close exposure to radiation from mobile phones also damages sperm in the lab.

Experts examining results of the latest study point out that the study doesn't actually make a causal link between mobile phone usage and infertility, because other lifestyle factors could be affecting the sperm count. It could be that men who are more sedentary, and therefore more overweight, tend to use their phone more than those who are up and about. They could also be more stressed.