Gone are the days when Skype was the only option for VoIP service. Startups offering similar low-cost calls or free calls through the Internet are launching every week. Coms is the latest to join the fray, with the spin that offers a choice of over 2 million UK numbers from different area codes.

Coms software will work on any device that supports the SIP protocol, which is the International standard for VoIP.

All incoming calls are free, as are calls between Coms users. Not only are local and national calls charged at 2p, but so are calls to a raft of countries, including most European nations and Australia, China, and the US.

The service can be accessed through PCs or on mobile phones and smartphones that can tap into Wi-Fi hotspots.

Visit Coms website to download the necessary software, and check out its list of special internet phones through the online shop.