Truphone is expanding its software offering for Nokia mobiles to extend support to Nokia N80 mobiles so that users can make free VoIP calls.

Truphone customers can make free calls to other Truphone handsets when both are in a Wi-Fi hotspot, and until the end of the year, users can also make free calls to landlines in major countries around the world. Rates increase considerably after that, with a call to South African landlines costing 5.9p a minute, and calls to French mobiles clocking in at 15.9p per minute.

Truphone hopes to extend the software for use on all Windows Mobile platform-based mobiles as well as all Nokia N-series smartphones.

Customers will find it inexpensive, even after the end of the promotional “free” offer, to call home to the UK when travelling abroad, as long as they can find a Wi-Fi hotspot, even if they have to pay for Wi-Fi access.