The announcement by Sony today that LocationFree Player is now available for the Sony Ericsson P990 smartphone seems like a case of “Me, too”, as Sling Media has announced that its SlingPlayer Mobile software will be available to all Symbian-based mobiles in Europe and Asia by the end of the year.

SlingPlayer Mobile allows programmes on a home TV or media player to be streamed to a mobile phone or device through the Slingbox and a broadband internet connection. The software has previously only been available in the US and Canada.

The Slingbox allows users to watch terrestrial TV, Freeview, cable, and satellite TV, as well as control their home video recorder.

“SlingPlayer Mobile is a breakthrough in mobile TV viewing that captures the essence of the new smartphone lifestyle, representing a new level of interaction with the world and immediacy for information and entertainment”, said Jerry Panagrossi, VP of US operations for Symbian.