Gear4 is marketing its new iPod accessory, the BluEye as the missing link for the iPod phone.

The device is a Bluetooth remote control headphone system. It connects your mobile phone with your iPod so that you can view phone numbers on your iPod as caller ID.

If you receive a call, the BluEye puts your iPod on hold so that you’re alerted to an incoming call; it will resume playing music once the call is finished. Your mobile stays in your bag or pocket, as the device incorporates a microphone to pick up your voice once you answer the call.

The BluEye also adds FM radio functionality to your iPod; the iPod displays station information on its screen, and 15 presets can also be saved.

The device uses your own headphones, no matter what they are, and requires no extra power, using juice from your iPod instead.

The BluEye is available from Gear4’s


for £49.99.

Or you could just buy a mobile phone that features a built-in MP3 player and save the trouble.