The days of waving your mobile phone around in the air trying to get a signal may be gone forever as T-Mobile launches a new service today.

Continuing its move to be as transparent as possible, T-Mobile has launched a new service today which one spokesman claimed was the equivalent to the "Emperors new clothes".

The service called Street Check allows future customers to check whether the signal strength in their postcode is good enough to warrant signing up with the mobile phone operator.

Users will be able to search up to three locations at any time ensuring that they do or don't as the case may be, want to have coverage at home, work and down the pub.

T-Mobile says it is "is unveiling ‘Street Check’ across the UK to demonstrate to customers how good the network signal is in the places they need it most".

According to the company during the test phase, it found that its Street Check service boosted customer satisfaction and was seen as a valuable addition to the sales process, helping in some cases to steer people away from buying 3G phones if the weren't able to get a decent signal where they live.

Every customer buying a new phone from one of the 196 T-Mobile stores in the UK will automatically be offered the chance to check three postcodes before they buy. T-Mobile will offer every customer a simple, personalised printout of network strength for each chosen postcode.

What industry insiders will be more interested in, is seeing where T-Mobile doesn't offer coverage.