VoIP telephony expert Jajah has launched its mobile service that claims to be able to save British mobile phone users up to 86% on international phone calls.

How does the company propose to do that? Mobile phone users have to sign up for a Jajah account and either download a plug-in from the website, or send a text message to activate the service.

Calls to other Jajah users will be totally free, while international calls to landlines and other mobiles will cost a small fee that is significantly less, in most cases, than what mobile operators charge.

Jajah says that a 10 minute call from London to New York costs £12.90 with Vodafone, £1.50 with Orange, £7 with T-Mobile, and £9.90 with O2, while with the Jajah Mobile Suite it costs only £1.10. The company has calculated that calls with Jajah Mobile Suite are 91% cheaper than with Vodafone, 67% than with Orange, 87% than with T-Mobile, and 88% than with O2.

Best of all, the cost of the call is displayed on the handset before the call is put through, so that users can see how much they will save – you can check the rates at www.jajah.com/info/rates.

To get the Jajah Mobile Suite, which works with all Symbian-based phones at the moment but will expand soon.