T-Mobile teamed up with survey specialist YouGov to find out how and why people are using wifi services in the UK.

The survey only covered 253 Wi-Fi users, so only gives a very limited look at what current Wi-Fi users would like to see improved. More than half wanted access to Wi-Fi on trains, while more than a quarter want access on the tube. Just over 10% would like to be able get access Wi-Fi on the beach – which seems rather useless as its almost impossible to see a PDA or notebook computer screen clearly in sunlight. Nearly 40% would like to access Wi-Fi at shopping centres, while nearly a third want Wi-Fi in the park.

A surprising 45% of those surveyed stay in touch with friends and family, rather than just conducting business, while accessing Wi-Fi network.

At the moment, unsurprisingly, over 40% connect to Wi-Fi in hotels, while 32% connect in cafes, and 29% at the airport.

Wi-Fi is seen as a life-enhancing service by most users. Nearly 80% of those surveyed said accessing information on demand is the biggest benefit of Wi-Fi access, while half said that it allows them to make better use of otherwise-dead time. Thirty-nine per cent of respondents said it helped them keep in contact with staff, while 14% said that it helped them take advantage of new business opportunities.