A new survey has attempted to link the mobile phone habits of singles with their dating behaviour. The study, carried out by dating service Parship.co.uk, interviewed 1000 single people across Britain to examine their dating behaviour.

Commitment phobics are twice as likely to arrange a first date by text than those looking for true live, out of who 67% chose to make voice calls.

Interestingly, single just looking for a fling are much more likely to text immediately after a date than people looking for a real relationship: 16% of casual daters text straightaway, while only 3% on the look out for real love do. Those looking for a serious relationship prefer to follow up with a call, with 34% doing so the next day, and 41% the day after.

“Dating expert” and Psychiatrist Dr Victoria Lukats analysed the results and said, “Whilst phoning someone you don’t know very well to arrange a date may be more nerve-wracking, people who are really taking it seriously will feel the extra effort is worth it”.

Mobile phones are generally not used so much in breakups, with 30% of singles letting someone down face to face, 22% giving their ex the silent treatment, and 28% of men just ignore them. Sixteen per cent made a phone call to end it, while 15% chose the coward’s way out by sending an email, and nearly as many did so with a text message.

The study also broke down habits by geographical region, to find that singles from the North of England choose to arrange a first date by text (must be shy), and that 46% have dated people who were cheating on others.