Hot on the heels of T-Mobile’s last fascinating insight into the mobile phone calling habits of Brits abroad comes its latest study of human behaviour at this week’s Robbie Williams concerts.

The stunning fact is that Robbie Williams fans are expected to spend about 430,000 minutes on the phone over the 5 days of the concert, and write more than 2.1 million words in text messages. That’s three times more words than are in the King James Bible and 2.5 times more than in the Complete Works of Shakespeare.

How did T-Mobile come up with these stats, you may well ask. Its Trends Laboratory analysed figures from past Milton Keynes concerts, including recent ones by Take That, and then rejigged the numbers.

As for all those 430,000 minutes that T-Mobile users will be on the phone during the concerts, they total up to the time it takes to fly from London to NYC and back 478 times, reading War an Peace 307 times, and listening to Robbie Williams’ newest single, Rudebox, 114,666 times.