Palm has announced its first Windows-enabled device in Europe today with the help of Microsoft and Vodafone.

The new 3G model, titled the 750v will run on Microsoft's latest mobile OS and features a number of exclusive elements, including picture speed dialing and a personized homepage.

"We wanted to make this different from other mobile windows devices", said Palm's CEO.

Looks-wise the new handset loses the stubby aerial on the top, but still retains its full QWERTY keyboard.

Other features include a 1.3-megapixel digital camera, Windows Media(R) Player 10 Mobile for music and video, Bluetooth connectivity, Mini-SD expansion slot and a 240x240 TFT touch screen.

The new handset will be available exclusively on Vodafone for the first three months from the end of the month.

The mobile phone company said the device would be supported by its push email service.

Users should expect to be able to get the handset for free if they sign up to the right tariff.

Expect a review on pocket-lint shortly.