Young Brits on holiday like to brag about their exploits late at night as soon as they’re underway, new analysis from T-Mobile suggests.

The research, which simply counts logged calls, texts, and MMS messages, is part of T-Mobile’s growing effort to use the data it has available to pick up on social trends.

Call patterns from British T-Mobile customers in Spain indicate that the peak time for calls and messages is in the early hours of the morning. Over one weekend at the start of the party season in Ibiza and Majorca, the network recorded almost 15,500 calls home between 11pm and 4 am.

Calling dropped off between 6am and noon as party-goers slept off the excesses of the night before.

T-Mobile believes that callers from Spain spent up to 28,000 minutes chatting on the phone during these late hours.

T-Mobile head of corporate communications, Robin O’Kelly, said, “We believe the volume of late-night calls indicates very clearly that our customers love to share the good – or even the bad – news as soon as possible".

“For many young people, their mobile phone is a diary – the best way to record their exploits before they forget them. If you apply the figures from Spain across the board to all the hot young tourist destinations, it’s clear that we’re dealing with a massive quantity of these types of calls throughout the holiday season.”