Mobile TV company ROK TV is now offering its services in the US.

Users in the UK, China, and now the US can subscribe to any 13 channels of content for 99 cents per channel.

The company says it has licensed content already from 50 content providers, but not all are available now.

ROK TV says that it focuses on “niche, independent, alternative, urban, and international content”, which it certainly does, as the thirteen channels available include TV Reggaeton, OutThere TV, which is about conspiracies and cover ups, and Noche De Salsa, which sources salsa music videos.

ROK’s research has shown that people generally watch three minutes of TV clips five times a day; its unique content is therefore suited to this type of TV watching.

For access to ROK TV, go to

, to register and download software to your smartphone, Windows Mobile, or Java device.