Your mobile is a phone, camera, music player, organiser, web browser…and now a surveillance device.

Mobile security camera solutions provider 3rd-i is launching a mobile-phone-based security system to keep an eye on your possessions while you're away from home.

The tiny camera can be positioned anywhere around your home to watch valuables in the home, garage, or even the car.

It lets you view live footage whenever you want via your mobile phone; simply press the assigned keys on your phone and up pops a live feed.

By using infrared and motion sensors, the camera also acts as a security alert by sending a text message to your mobile if it detects an intruder.

Other features of the system include a secure feed that only goes to authorised handsets, date- and time-stamped images, and support for multiple cameras.

Look for the system to be available from August priced at £200. See the website for more