Sagem has launched three new Bluetooth accessories for talking hands-free.

The first is the CK1 Hands Free Kit, which is a small speaker designed for use in your car.

Measuring 135.5 x 28.5mm, and weighing just 140g, its small enough to sit on your dashboard or be clipped, out of the way, to a sunvisor.

Keys on the side operate volume and answering calls, and the device should last for 15 hours of talk time and 10 to 25 days standby.

The second device is the H2 Bluetooth Headset, minimalist silver and black set that weighs 18 grams and fits snugly to your ear.

It's compatible with any Bluetooth 1.2 mobile, and has a battery that yields 12.5 days on standby and 10 hours talk time.

Sagem's premier new Bluetooth product is the SH1 Bluetooth Stereo Headset, which operates for both listening to music and chatting to friends.

It fits around the back of the neck rather than across the head, and features two keys for volume and one to toggle between phone calls and music.

The SH1 Headset is available for £51.89 including VAT, while the CK1 Hands Free Kit is £63.55 including VAT. Products are available from Sagem's