A new mobile phone tracking service is about to be launched in the UK to allow parents to track their tearaway teenagers.

The service, which is similar to others already available on the market like followus.co.uk, is called Phonesitter and launches on the 13 August.

It will work with Orange, T-Mobile, O2 and Vodafone networks and allow users to track any registered mobile phone and offers the user not just the location of the phone but satellite photos, street maps and directions.

The results are simple to view (and print) online; for users who have an urgent need and aren't near a computer, tracking can also be managed easily from another mobile using SMS.

Rafael Fernandez, joint owner of Phonesitter.co.uk, says: "This is an answer to the dilemma of many parents who want to give their kids more freedom but need the reassurance of knowing exactly where they are without having to nag them with phone calls and texts".

Phonesitter is not intrusive. It is not possible to track any phone without the prior knowledge and authorisation of the phone holder, and once authorised, all registered phone holders are informed that they may be tracked, and may withdraw from the service at any time by a simple text message to Phonesitter.

The basic monthly subscription of GBP £5 covers tracking of up to five phones. Annual pre-payment includes 12 months membership and 20 locates.