T-Mobile is the latest mobile service provider to offer Windows Push Email on its devices.

Now available on Microsoft Windows 5.0 devices, which include the MDA Pro, MDA Vario, and MDA Compact, push email delivers email straight to the portable device and alerts the user to the new message.

The push mail service won't incur any extra charges for business users on the web'n'walk professional tariff, which costs £17 a month, or £8.50 added to Flext, Relax, or Business 1-Plan contracts.

It works over GPRS, 3G and Wi-Fi.

The Microsoft Push Email service features better security for businesses, including centrally controlled password protection, local data wipe, and remote data wipe to ensure that lost or stolen devices can be cleared of company-sensitive data.

The service also offers addition Outlook features, including task synchronisation, the ability to search for contacts on a company's Global Address List, and an offline address book.