Vonage, the VOiP telephone company in America and the UK, has launched a USB key ring phone that lets you make calls from any PC and a high speed internet connection.

Called the Vonage V-Phone, the device comes with Vonage Talk software pre-loaded so that all customers have to do is insert the Vonage V-Phone into any available USB port, plug the earpiece microphone into the side of the Vonage V-Phone.

Working off a 256Mb U3 drive, users can then remove the drive when you're done and the phone and all your important contact information goes with you.

As a bonus, the Vonage V-Phone includes 250MB of memory that can be used to store your important data.

Costing $39.99 in the US, the company has yet to announce a UK version, however with little difference in technologies it should only be a matter of time.