ROK TV is increasing its market, slowly but surely, and as added 12 new Microsoft-powered handsets to the list of devices that can receive its live streaming TV broadcasts.

The TV provider operates on GPRS rather than 3G phones, as many more people use 2.5G phones rather than 3G models.

Thirty-seven devices can now receive ROK TV's list of streamed live and on-demand content, which includes channels like CNN, ITV, Sports News TV, the Cartoon Network and National Geographic.

Each channel can be subscribed to for as little as £0.99 per month.

"To be able to proved 2.5G mobile TV over GPRS right now represents a huge opportunity for networks and carriers to engage with the bulk of their customers and realize new business beyond just talk and text and the occasional ringtone or short video-clip purchase", said Jonathan Kendrick, Chairman and CEO of ROK.

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