Get ready for ads on your mobile phone.

Celltick has launched a new service that allows companies to buy space on your mobile phone's idle screen.

LiveScreen, Celltick's application that puts content on a mobile phone's idle screen, is already used by mobile phone providers to alert users of content on their mobile websites.

Celltick's new service is called LiveScreen Media, which makes it possible for companies to advertise and sponser content teasers on its original LiveScreen platform.

"Brands want a way into mobiles, and operators know that they need brand support to lend credibility to content", says a spokesperson for Celltick.

"As brands sponsor the content, this will lead to higher-quality, lower-cost content."

LiveScreen has already enabled mobile network operators to advertise content from their mobile websites on the idle screen, so that users can more easily navigate to the site and are made more aware of what information is available to them.

With LiveScreen media, advertisers can choose relevant content to sponsor. For example, Adidas could advertise on sports news tickers, while NME could use the idle screen to advertise what's on its website.

"With LiveScreen Media, we will provide users with easy access to a world of high value, yet affordable mobile content and services. It will generate traffic the rich, yet underused, operator content offering", said Stephen Dunford, Celltick's CEO.