On the same day that a JupiterResearch survey shows that consumers are becoming more aware of VoIP services and the flexibility they offer, Tiscali has launched their own VoIP service, called Netphone.

JupiterResearch has determed that 27% of consumers in Europe are already interested in regularly using their mobile instead of their home phone, while 17% of European consumers find VoIP appealing.

Tiscali Netphone joins the range of VoIP services already available in the UK, offering low phone rates for calls made from a PC.

PC-to-PC calls are free, while calls to UK landlines cost just £0.01 per minute.

Calling a mobile costs significantly more, at 12p per minute while international calls are charged as little as 3 pence per message.

The service can also take voice messages and send and receive faxes for 10p per page.

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