Palm has announced a new Treo model in America that promises broadband-like connection speeds via Sprint and Verizon Wireless' EvDO networks in the US.

Physically, the Treo 700p looks identical to the Treo 700w, Verizon's Windows Mobile Treo. Like the other device the new 700p features an Intel XScale 312MHz processor. The Palm OS based Treo 700p smartphone also includes 128MB of memory (60MB user available) as well an SD card slot for extra memory or Wi-Fi card

Palm has improved the screen however, now 320 x 320 compared to 240 x 240 and upped the digital camera to 1.3 megapixels rather than standard VGA.

Most notable, is the switch back to the Palm OS 5.4 operating system rather than Microsoft Windows Mobile.

Although Palm has upgraded nearly every bit of software on the device, the basic operating system is the same: Palm OS 5.4.9, which Palm has been using since 2004.

There is no word as yet as to whether a variant of this model will be available in the UK.

We will keep you posted.