A new service has launched in the UK that hopes to do the same for text messenging as Skype did for telephone calls.

Called Hotxt, the new site allows is users to send unlimited text messages to other hotxt users for £1 a week plus data charges.

Aimed primarily at the 16-25 age group the service will work on most Java enabled phones across all UK networks apart from pre-pay 02 and 3.

SMS text messaging typically costs 5-12p per message whereas the Hotxt user’s average text message cost is a fraction of a penny. For someone sending seven texts a day that represents a reduction of their bill by 75%, a saving of over £210 per year.
Because the service works via Java rather than the standard SMS service, users are also able to send longer messages.

Created by Dragon's Den Doug Richard Hotxt works in a similar way to instant messaging with users able to create a user name and block unwanted senders if they wish.