Vonage and The Cloud, have announced a partnership which will give Vonage customers access to its VoIP service over The Cloud’s UK wireless broadband network for free.

Vonage customers equipped with its Wi-Fi handset will be able to make VoIP calls from The Cloud’s Wi-Fi hotspots as part of the standard Vonage subscription.

Beginning next month, Vonage customers will be able to use their selected local geographical phone numbers to make VoIP calls from any of The Cloud’s national network of over 7000 Wi-Fi hotspots.

Vonage users will access The Cloud’s network via their Wi-Fi phone as soon as they are within range.

The Cloud has said there users will not need a password or user logon process.

Pricing will be included in the standard £7.99 a month “Residential Unlimited” package from Vonage, which includes unlimited calls to UK and Irish landlines as well as to other Vonage customers wherever they are in the world.

In addition to conventional Wi-Fi coverage, The Cloud is also launching a number of city centre hotzones in Birmingham, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham and Oxford, along with the London boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea, Camden and Islington.