T-Mobile has announced a new deal for the two-thirds of UK mobile customers who pay-as-they-go rather than take out contract subscriptions.

The mobile phone operator suggests that the new package "could cut the average cost of pre-pay calls and texts by between a quarter and one half".

Following changes to its contract tariffs with Flext, U-Fix and Relax plans, T-Mobile is now doing the same with its pre-pay offering.

On May Day, T-Mobile is launching a new range of only three simple Pay-As-You-Go plans, radically altering value and recognising the different needs of different pre-pay customers.

"Our new Pay-As-You-Go plans don’t just change pre-pay value. They recognise the different ways customers use their phones. And they give customers the freedom to switch with no penalty if they change the way they use their phones", said Phil Chapman, Chief Marketing Officer of T-Mobile UK.

With the new tariff, customers will pay a flat rate of 12p to all UK networks, local and national numbers per minute and pay 10p per text. T-Mobile will also be offering its Mates Rates whereby customers will be charged 5p per minute to call T-Mobile mates and 5p to text them, but 20p per minute calls to local and national numbers, 40p per minute to other networks.