Bluetooth used in mobile phones and other small devices is likely to get considerably faster allowing greater amounts of data such as high definition video and audio to be transmitted quickly and easily from device to device without the need for wires.

The industry group that looks after the development of Bluetooth said that it would boost transfer speeds in the next few years by incorporating a new radio technology, known as ultra-wideband, or UWB.

“Consumers are demanding higher bandwidth for their mobile, consumer electronics and communications devices”, said Stephen R. Wood, president of the WiMedia Alliance and UWB technology strategist at Intel.

“The WiMedia Alliance combining forces with the Bluetooth SIG is an exciting development that will help define Bluetooth technology as a key personal area network technology for today and the future.”

Bluetooth currently is only used in low-speed and data uses like connecting mobile phones with wirless headsets or computers with keyboards, however it is hoped that the new technology will allow for greater uses such as effectively streaming video or large files between devices in a similar way to current 802.11g networks now.

The first products with high-speed Bluetooth may show up late next year, with wider availability in 2008.