V2 music has teamed up with Refresh Mobile, the makers of the Pocket-lint Mobizine to launch the first music Mobizine for mobile.

V2, home to Stereophonics, The Rakes and Brit lifetime achievement winner Paul Weller, publishes a new weekly Mobizine available today, where fans can be the first to read the news, enter competitions and download new tracks and videos.

Costing just pennies, the V2 Mobizine is quick to download and can be read without a network connection on the bus or tube, for example. Mobizines are available to all, regardless of mobile operator.

To download the V2 Mobizine, the consumer texts "Mobi" followed by V2 and follow the instructions to download. The consumer can re-read each Mobizine as often as s/he likes at no extra cost, as you only pay once for each edition. In the case of V2 each edition costs between 4 and 8 pence depending on your operator tariff. The Mobizine is automatically updated when the next edition is published.

Mobizines are typically made up of 4 sections and each of these contains 5 stories. For example, V2 sections are What's Hot, Top Artists, features/competitions and downloads. At the bottom of each story a user will find links to other stories, downloadable content or other relevant merchandising pertinent to that particular brand.

Other content partners that are publishing Mobizines are OK!, Time Out,
Glamour, GQ, BBC, ITV, Daily Snack (celebrity news), TV Genius (TV listings), and sports news from TeamTalk.

Now you can get the gadget world's top news stories, reviews, our most rated products in the last 3 months and website of the day to your phone wherever you are, whenever you feel like it.

To download the Pocket-lint Mobizine to your handset, text "Mobi" followed by the word "pocket" to 63333 and follow the instructions to download.

More information can be found at