T-Mobile has announced that it will be the first operator to offer unlimited internet access via your mobile phone for a set monthly fee.

The company has said that for £7.50 a month users will be able to access its web�n�walk offering, regardless of data transferred or time online.

Phil Chapman, Marketing Director of T-Mobile UK, said: "By making the service unlimited and framing it as an add-on to Relax and Flext tariffs, web�n�walk becomes a core part of our product range."

Talking to a spokesman on behalf on T-Mobile, it appears T-Mobile hope that the service "will make them become the number one operator for mobile internet usage in the UK."

The service, launched today, will be available on the Sidekick II, one of the growing number of web'n'walk enabled handsets which includes the Vario, MDA Compact, MDA Pro, SDA II, Nokia N70 and Nokia 6630 as well as a new range of web'n'walk handsets due out later this year.

However one piece of advice, T-Mobile has confirmed that if you use web'n'walk service abroad, you will incur data roaming charges.

We will keep you posted.