Mobile technology development company, ROK Entertainment, today announced it has "stolen a march" on the major Mobile Networks with it's new Place-Shifting set-top box due to available in time to deliver the World Cup football finals to mobiles.

The ROK Black Box (code-named BLCX) set-top box throws TV channels live to mobile phones via broadband internet in a similar way to the Slingbox streaming player, however this time to your mobile instead of your laptop.

"It seemed to us that delivery of the World Cup matches live to mobile phones would be a fantastic opportunity for the development of mobile TV services", said Jonathan Kendrick, Chairman and CEO of ROK, "but it now appears that only edited highlights of the matches are to made available, mainly for people on 3G and even then on a pay-per-view basis".

"That seemed terribly limited to us, so we set out to develop BLCX to enable people to watch all their home TV channels live whenever and wherever they wish on their mobiles", added Kendrick.

"Providing you have broadband at home, you simply plug your BLCX into your TV and you can watch whichever channels you have at home, live and in full, on your mobile, wherever you are on a 'what I want, when I want' basis. You can even change the channels from your mobile."

The first BLCX units will be available from June 1st at a cost of around £250 each or for a monthly rental fee of around £12.