A new bolt on camera flash for mobile phones is set to change the way we take pictures according to the inventor of a new device called Phlash.

Measuring just over an inch wide, Phlash is a button that can either be stuck to the back of a cameraphone or hung from the phone via an included strap.

"There are 100 million cameraphones being used today, but less than 1% include a built-in flash. And unfortunately, even those built-in flashes are very weak because they are often added by manufacturers as an afterthought", said Dale Fox, director, Foxden Holdings and the inventor of Phlash.

Designed for the close-up pictures usually taken with cameraphones, Phlash provides optimal performance at a distance of one meter, or about two arms lengths away.

Phlash includes easily replaceable lithium coin-type batteries designed to provide hundreds of brief flash cycles.

Pressing the device while pressing the "capture" button on the cameraphone emits an intense pulse of light that takes promises to improve the light source for the picture.

“Phlash is 12 times brighter than most built-in flashes, and allows anyone who already owns a cameraphone to finally take quality pictures indoors and at night", said Fox.

The patent-pending light-emitting array built into Phlash is unique and specifically engineered to provide full-frame lighting that's even and colour-balanced, eliminating hotspots and washouts.

Phlash is now available for $29.99 at