ROK, the company that is behind letting users watch recorded television on their mobile their phones is hoping to attract thousands more by allowing new users to demo the service.

Texting the service gives you access to watch a demo channel showing you all the benefits available of the service.

“All people need do if they have, for example, a new Nokia such as the 6630, 6680, the N70 or the N90 is text ‘ROK S' to 80160 to receive a free demo of ROK TV” Jonathan Kendrick, ROK's Chairman and CEO explained, “and if they have one of the new Sony Ericsson handsets such as the W600i, the W800i or the K600, all they need do is text ‘ROK J' to 80160".

ROK TV is available as a subscription service and is charged at £0.99p per channel per month or all 12 channels for £9.99 per month.