BenQ, keeping up with its promise earlier in the year of launching 15-20 handsets by Christmas has announced a further six today at the start of CeBIT in Germany.

The new range of handsets include what it is called yet another flagship design - the EL71, an ultra-slim mobile phone with an OLED display.

The new slider model features a 2-inch QVGA display (262,144 colours) as well as an integrated 1.3-megapixel digital camera with improved LED flash and a video function for shooting and replaying short movie sequences.

As with previous models, the phone come with a music player for MP3 and AAC+ music files and by using the optional Music Cable IHM-100 (sold separately), the EL71 can easily be connected to any hi-fi system. The 16MB internal memory can be extended for all multimedia content up to 1GB by microSD cards that are simply plugged into a slot on the phone.

Clemens J. Joos, CEO of BenQ Mobile comments, “Within quarter one alone we have launched 12 new handsets under the new BenQ-Siemens brand”.

All of the new phones launched today - EL71, C81, CF61, CL71, E61 and P51 - feature multimedia capabilities such as MP3 and 3D surround sound, meeting a wide range of consumer needs.

The P51 is the company's smart phone offering and incorporates Windows Mobile 5.0, W-Lan and VoIP with an integrated GPS receiver.

We are awaiting more information on the P51.

We will keep you posted.