Orange has launched a new smartphone in conjunction with handset manufacturer HTC at 3GSM in Barcelona, Spain.

The SPV M600 will be a Microsoft Windows Mobile-based device that features the new Push email service everyone is currently talking about at the show.

Initially available from Orange in the UK, France and the Netherlands as the SPV M600, the compact PDA will come in a black finish and supports Bluetooth 2.0 and built-in Wi-Fi capabilities (dual support of 802.11b and 802.11g). The device is also equipped with a 2 mega pixel camera and offers 128MB Flash ROM.

“If you're tired of lugging around a bag full of gizmos, the Orange SPV M600 is the phone for you. It's a phone, a PDA, a camera, a digital music player and an email device, all wrapped up in a single elegant package.” Professed Yves Maitre, Vice President Devices Orange Group.

As this is a HTC device expect to see it under the guise of a different name on other networks shortly.