1 in 5 teenagers use mobiles to talk to people their parents wouldn't approve of according to a new survey.

The survey, which polled 2000 teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18 across the UK, Germany and North America.

The research highlights the prevalence of teenagers misusing their mobile phone privileges, and the lack of parental restrictions over how and where the phones are used.

More than 80% of UK and German teenagers report that they have no restrictions or limitations on their mobile phone usage imposed by their parents.

Over half of UK teenagers polled (52%) text or talk on their mobiles during school hours. UK and US teenagers are also more than twice as likely to download music or play video games on their mobiles during school hours than German teenagers. Overall, UK teens are the worst offenders for inappropriate usage.

To address youth mobile issues, ACE-COMM is preparing for the European launch of Parent Patrol, a service that gives parents greater control over the way their children use their mobiles.

Parent Patrol enables parents to restrict their children's mobile phone use to, for example, prevent phone use during school hours, or late at night. However, specified numbers can be designated "always allowed," meaning that family contact numbers or emergency numbers can be used even when general usage is forbidden.

Other numbers can be designated "never allowed," and added to a blacklist to prevent any further contact to combat bullying.

Restrictions implemented by parents can be changed at any time, through a web site.

Parent Patrol works on virtually any handset and does not need to be re-programmed in the event of the handset being replaced or upgraded. It is the first service to give parents flexible control and the ability to prevent problems such as bullying via mobile phone.