BenQ-Siemens, following its announcement last month has launched a further three handsets as it continues to fulfil is promise to launch 15 mobile phones in the UK by the end of the year.

The three new models include the EF91, the S81 and the EF51.

The EF51 is aimed towards the music market. BenQ-Siemens suggests that it is more a music player that happens to have an integrated mobile phone rather than the other way around an as well as boasting an FM radio, the EF51 offers a voice-operated music selection, so you can simply speak the name of the song, and it will automatically begin playing.

The music keys are located on the exterior of the phone for easy operation. The EF51 also includes easy synchronisation with your computer via USB or Bluetooth, and includes a 1.3MP camera and a slot to extend the memory using miniSD cards.

The 3G S81 is just 13mm thick, making it slimmer than both the Sony Ericsson K610i launched this morning and features a 1.3MP camera, Bluetooth, 30MB of internal memory and the ability to extend the memory with microSD cards.

The EF91 is the world's first HSDPA mobile phone. This high speed network allows you to view movies, live television, video and music downloads and mobile internet on your mobile. The EF91 also features an 3.2 MP camera (equal to the Sharp 903), The EF91 also features an integral MP3 player, Bluetooth and a microSD card slot.