Whether it's because it likes the colour or because its trying to appeal to that girl audience that only likes pink, but T-Mobile has launched two exclusive pink handsets in the UK today.

The new models are pink versions of the Nokia 6111 and LG C3300.

The two handsets are identical in specifications to their non-pink variants but still that's not the supposed appeal here.

Highlights of the phone include a digital camera and video recording capabilities, with a 6x digital zoom on the Nokia 6111 and the clamshell design with VGA camera with 4x digital zoom on the LG C3300.

The Nokia 6111 is available on both contract and Pay as you go. Dependent on the contract, the most a customer will pay for the Nokia 6111 in either exclusive pink colour or also standard black is £69.99. Available on Pay as you go the device is available at £179.99. While the LG handset is only available on Pay as you go for £59.99.