T-Mobile, perhaps conscious that mobile phone calls seem to cost more and more has launched a new service that allows you to track your spending.

Named “Flext”, the operator is claiming its Britain's first flexible mobile tariff that offers a monthly allowance to provide true value for money with your mobile phone needs - so you don't need to be restricted by separate charges for phone calls, texts and picture messages.

In an example, T-Mobile suggest that you can get £180 worth of calls, texts and picture messages for £35 per month and choose how to spend it rather than being restricted on so many minutes or so many texts as part of a bundled package.

Additionally the company will also offer customers on the tariff weekly text message alert to be able to keep track of spending, detailing their remaining allowance during the month and the date of their next bill.

Customers will also be able to downgrade their plan every 6 months, to ensure customers are still on the best price plan for their needs.

And finally, if customers over spend rather than introduce higer tariffs they are charged as if they haven't.

The service is available from today.