As we reported last week, Orange and Samsung have launched a mobile phone that features a new system called VibeTonz that allows gamers to be immersed into the action with vibration.

The VibeTonz System adds vibro-tactile sensations to sight and sound cues on mobile handsets, making content more realistic and fun and operation more intuitive. Orange is initially offering the Samsung E770 phone and downloadable VibeTonz-enabled games to customers in the UK.

All three partners in the deal are hoping that the new technology will appeal to mobile phone users bored with just a camera.

"In the same way that cameras added interest and utility to the mobile experience, the VibeTonz System can improve interactivity and usability", said John Grundy, vice president and general manager, Immersion's Mobility business group. "We're advancing the use of touch, providing a sensory experience that is more complete and harmonious for digital devices."

To get new customers started the Samsung E770 will include four games: Airship Racing from effusion, Bobby Carrot from effusion, Arch Angel from Wait4U, and Freekick Festival from Zio Interactive.

Orange will also be offering games specific to the VibeTonz effects via its Orange World service and games companies Superscape, I-play, and Indiagames, are all planning to release games with VibeTonz effects.

The phone will also include 15 embedded VibeTonz-enabled ringtones can be used for caller identification and vibrate differently according to the caller.