mTrack, the company behind the KidsOK location service, has launched a child location device using satellite technology so you can track down children to within 20 metres of their location.

The company has launched the i-Kids mobile phone, a low radiation mobile phone for pre-teens that enables parents to locate their children down to 20 metres at any time and supposedly more accurately than on any other device available in the UK.

The i-Kids mobile comes in a range of colours and is available to buy from £49.95 depending on contract when you sign up to i-Kids online at

Children can receive calls and text messages on the i-Kids handset however the phone is designed with limited call capabilities and four numbered buttons, of which three can be allocated to the phone by the parent together with a fifth ‘hunt group' button that the child can use to get help at any time.

According to mTrack, the i-Kids service enables parents to keep track of their child via the i-Kids phone, in three ways:

Mobile Route allows parents to access a map online and on their mobile showing the tracked location of their child's i-Kids phone which is located by satellites every 10 minutes at no extra charge.

For 50p per zone alert, the Safety Zone Alert system enables parents to be alerted via text message on their mobile if their child's i-Kids phone travels outside a specified area which they set on an online map.

Finally Location Request lets parents locate their child at any time by sending a ‘Ping' request from their mobile or online. Within 60 seconds they receive a map and text description of their child's current or last known location provided by the i-Kids phone (50p per ‘Ping').