A UK company has created a self-destruct text messaging service that allows you to send messages to your friends with the knowledge that the message will delete itself as soon as they've read it.

Those wishing to sign up to the service can simply text STEALTH to 80880 to receive a link that will allow them to download the StealthText applet via a WAP connection.

The system works by sending the recipient a text notification showing the sender's name and provides a link to a message. Once accessed, this message may only be viewed once. After viewing, the message is destroyed and the link will only take you to an 'expired or non-existent page' thereafter.

Aimed at people who need to swap information via text, but don't want it to get in the wrong hands, the service is likely to be used more by an unfaithful partner than a businessman trying to keep a deal on the hush hush.

Just think if David Beckham had used this service when texting Rebecca Loos the story would have probably never hit the tabloids.